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Kurt + struggling


Stiles & Sheriff vs. Kurt & Burt

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this year is a little more bts for me which is nice

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Remind me, what’s your name again?

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at this point i shouldn’t be surprised that the teen wolf fandom is still trying to find ways to hate scott, but i still get so angry when i see their reasons.

like i saw one tw blogger that was going on and on about how horrible scott mccall was for taking the money from garrett’s locker bc it was “blood money” and telling him that he shouldn’t use it, that he should get a job and sell some things, like u do realize that both him and his mom have jobs and that’s still not cutting it? his mom has been picking up so many shifts she’s probably on the verge of exhaustion, and scott has school to worry about along with his job, and selling a few things around the house is not going to cut it.  that money he found in the locker is money that his family needs desperately, the cops have no use for it, and it’s not like he’s out spending it on unnecessary luxury items.

and the most infuriating thing about the piece of trash that’s trying to make scott a bad person for keeping the money, is the fact that they never once mentioned how stiles was also willing to keep that “blood money” and use it for his family.  they had nothing to say when their fav white boy was doing the same thing as scott mccall.  and i bet they would excuse stiles’s reasons for needing it too, they probably wouldn’t tell him to get a job (which he doesn’t have a job, so he’s not helping the family money situation at all) or sell some things, they’d go on about how his family is in a desperate situation.

it really does not get more problematic than that, the resident white boy gets a pass for wanting to keep the money bc of his family’s money situation, but the poc and hero of the show gets slammed for wanted to keep the money for the same damn reason.  stop using thin excuses for your racism, and realize you’re wrong.

I still can’t believe people have honestly gone so low as to berate Scott for seizing the opportunity to help fix their money issues, seriously, how much pettier can you get??

Like fuck that noise really, I would’ve done the same and I couldn’t care less what people think. If you honestly believe “getting a job and selling some things” fixes all the problems all the time, no exceptions, then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you are pretty disconnected from reality.

In reality a lot of people can’t get out of poverty no matter whether they work one, two, three jobs, even if everyone in the household (that can work) is working, even if they sell stuff… it’s still not enough, especially if your wage is low enough and you have no aid whatsoever (just take a look at how many people are out there in the real fucking world working minimum wage jobs, experiencing real life wage slavery, and still can’t get out of a problematic situation).

Seriously, fuck you for chastising Scott, fuck you for making light of situations that aren’t just on a TV show but are actually the real life situation of too many people in the world right now, and fuck you for being a gross and petty as all hell classist shitlord, god damn.