Burnie growing into his looks gives me so much hope…

aren’t you supposed to look less attractive the more you age???

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i was looking through my old google buzz (???) statuses when

shoot for the stars kids


scott mccall makes it so easy to multiship

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TJ Hammond + text posts

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i’m looking at old posts on my blog and what the fuck i loved blaine so much


HP Goblet of Fire Headcanon: Beauxbatons was primarily a Muslim wizarding school.

(photo from livesandliesofwizards, which was the first thing I thought of when I ran into this passage while rereading the Harry Potter books)

(and yes I know the horses drink whisky, which is not exactly halal, sshhh)


 THEME 026. oceana

500px posts, seven customizable links, jump pagination, four font options for body text. 


like or reblog if using! more here.

check out the coders club and the theme village

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teen wolf meme / (3/3) werewolves → scott mccall

My mom does all the grocery shopping.

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teen wolves trying to control the shift

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