Achievement Hunter Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

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anonymous requested: “would you consider doing a Winter Soldier AU of any Teen Wolf ship or brotp?”

Oh, I would. Skittles Winter Solider AU
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Go! #43



This is Enjolras after finding out that Lamarque died; I just want to applaude Aaron for his amazing interpretation of his character and his acting skills. You can see tears in Enjolras’ eyes.

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nicejewishqueer replied to your post “nicejewishqueer replied to your post “i honestly won’t listen to…”

awww really? wait idek if i knew he had a boyfriend

his name is mike and he seems not bad !

Free Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tijong



(I’m just gonna copy paste what they say about this.)

"On April 3, 2014, the Jakarta International School Community was shocked by the news that a crime of a sexual nature had allegedly occurred at the School. At the time, several outsourced cleaning personnel were accused as perpetrators.

We were initially supportive of the mother of the alleged victim, although surprised when she sued the School for US$ 12.5 million dollars. When she increased her claim to US$ 125 million, we were shocked.   Regrettably, we now question whether she is really interested in finding the truth, or perhaps just interested in money.

The parents of two more kindergarteners now have made allegations against the school’s staff and have suggested that they may bring civil claims. Following their lead, the mother of the first alleged victim has changed her claims to include JIS staff. The school administrator Neil Bantleman (a citizen of Canada), teaching assistant Ferdinant Tjiong (a citizen of Indonesia), and the principal of the elementary school Elsa Donohue (a citizen of the United States) were listed as perpetrators to even more alleged crimes of sex abuse.

Neil, Ferdinant, and Elsa are highly respected educators from the international school community. They have exemplary professional records and we reject the baseless allegations made against them.

On July 10, 2014, Neil and Ferdinant were named as suspects.

On July 14, 2014, Neil and Ferdinant were summoned to Jakarta Police Headquarters for questioning. They were joined by representatives from the U.S. Embassy, the Canadian Embassy and the Australian Embassy, legal counsel, along with dozens of staff and families from the school community, as well as their spouses. Contrary to promises made by the Police, Neil and Ferdinant were subsequently detained by the Police and currently remain in Police custody.

As parents, students, alumni, and staff of the Jakarta International School, we have the utmost interest for JIS to continue to be a safe environment where teaching, learning and supporting activities can take place. If unlawful activity occurred at JIS, we would want the perpetrator to be detained and punished. However, prior to determining that such activity took place, we must protect innocent people from unlawful detention and damage to their professional reputations.

Indonesia is a country based on the rule of law. If the requirements to detain Neil and Ferdinant are not satisfied, then these two people must not be detained. We demand that the Police treat this case lawfully and legally for the sake of justice for all.

We, the parents, students, alumni, staff of the Jakarta International School and the general public, strongly regret the decision of the Police to name Neil and Ferdinant as suspects and to detain them. We demand that the Police immediately disclose all evidence against Neil and Ferdinant in a transparent, truthful, and lawful manner. However, if there is no sufficient and valid evidence to incriminate Neil and Ferdinant, then we demand that they be released immediately. “

This explanation does not begin to cover the ridiculousness of the situation, and how much of a front this arrest actually is. These men are being unjustly detained, and it would really help if people could promote what is going on and sign the petition here.

TL;DR: Two innocent men are being held in an Indonesian prison for a crime they did not commit. The Jakarta International School community is trying their hardest to get them out, starting with this petition. Please, please, please sign and signal boost.

nicejewishqueer replied to your post “i honestly won’t listen to anything but the rt podcast or the newsies…”

not true, you listened to matt britton sing madonna!

that is true and was a life changing experience 

i honestly won’t listen to anything but the rt podcast or the newsies soundtrack this is turning into a real problem


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